slut factory presents, "it's not rape if it's dead", august '03

ft.; decrypt, slit writhing elizabeth, woods of ypres, fuck the facts
iron bitchface, white section, schizoid, the smile adventure
kevorkian’s angels, the fta’s, put to shame, die human die
crayon vomit, the kooks, gary coleman hot tub party, sifterside
garrotte, dumping problem, adipocere, extreme decay
kindergarten hazing ritual, dead edward, milkbagbrother
the winslow, twodeadsluts onegoodfuck, grebe of life, bloodshoteye
zombie fuck, and dead of winter

(a prelude to Empire Down's upcoming ($3.00) full length release (aug.'03)

the F.T.A.'s

1. ssd
2. wishing you were dead
3. ...jack daniels

Empire Down

4. jeff's death threat
5. away from here
6. potshots & effigies

kitchener domination comp#1, may '03

ft.; the candidates, schizoid, the rotten
band from plant x, handheld, the fathoms
fervid whisper, milkbag brother, FTA's
gaffer, empire down, revolver, the sourkeys
the charge, iron bitchface, adsr

3 track sampler, april '03
(a prelude to the upcoming split w/ T.H.U.G.Z.)
parkill studio, oakville

-as you can see....

1. impressionable youth
2. new generation
3. peace, hate, empathy (outro)

monster concerts comp.#1, june / '02

ft.;  jersey, the heatskores, spoiled plan, silent majority
on the rise, district seven, 14 carrots sold, in it for the shoes
jerkbank, forever comes crashing, the F.T.A.'s  
little dig, the cheapsluts, no word of a lie, good excuse
four car crash, faster than eddie, slightly on the blindside combustible huxtable, simpleton, off the mark, i hate sally
two minutes too late, all hope abandoned, settle the score
gunned down, the johnathan law

the new EP demo, april / '02
parkhill studio, oakville

1. intro / mainstream music is over-rated  
2. escaping reality  
3. kick in the teeth  
4. the evil intent
5. fill the void
6. delta  
7. "i'm so excited"
8. six degrees
9....jack daniels? / outro

self-titled demo, august / '01
sound on sound, kitchener

1 "i'm so excited"  
2. kill mike  
3. ssd  
4. wayney scaleen  
5. fascist transvestite  
6. french assholes  
7. six degrees