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the Registry Theatre - 03-01-02
thanks once again to boner.
united front, as of now, the heatskores, sector seven, good bands.
a broken string during the first song, fucked tuning for the second song. after
all that bullshit, we got things rollin' again, somewhat.
fat venue, except for fuckin pigs & crusiers everywhere you turn.
the ButtonFactory - 01/25/02
thanks; 'Boner', we appreciate the show, it was nice to redeem ourselves in a good form. good bands.
handheld; the stack sounded fat. it must be nice
erin; she willfully lugged a cymbol / stand, along the bus ride to the show. you're hardcore
and basically to everyone who stuck around and watched our set. it's always nice to see a crowd,
but when no one's getting in the pit- somethin's gotta be wrong.
we might have a spot on the sctor7 show coming up in march. we'll post the news as soon as we get it.
Cousineau's Basement - 12/29/01
good show, lots of liquor, good company.
ForbesPark - 12/07/01
- we're not allowed back at forbes park. the set was fat, but i guess a couple city pussy's didn't appreciate it. fuck them
The Spot - 10/28/01
- this was definitly our favourite show so far, we were hammed, pied, the bands were good, the people were goin' buck,
a few hot chicks, some hardcore's, some FTA die-hards (most didn't show- you sons of bitches know who you are),
the set was pumpin', a few minor problems such as the drums sliding all over the god damn floor- to a point where it was
unreachable to hit the kick-pedal- vocals were low, but the crowd and shit made up for it. Good venue. Thank you Matt Davey
for puttin' that show together, you did well. Nimfo was first (thanks for switchin spots), then the Deaf Kids, us, & then
Slim Pickin's--if you don't know these bands, go to a fuckin show.
--Hey TamTam, that's how it's done
TamTam's Long-Awaited party - 10/20/01
- so we get a call about an hour before the show's supposed to start. TamTam says she needs a P.A., cause she doesn't
have one - neither do we, in exchange for some stage time, but we generously dropped our prior engagements so that her
bash could go on. So we're there (without drums 'cause of the short notice) and we're now told we ain't first, we're
second...well good. drink, blaze, go back in. "you're third" - the process repeats itself. We go back in, "you're bumped
to 5th"- what the fuck. Whoever the 4th band was cleared everyone out of the building. Nimfo decided they didn't want
to play last anymore, there was no one there, it was too late. So we got screwed outta using someones drums, and
screwed out of an audience. TamTam looked like she was about to snap in a nervous breakdown. That's fuckin retarded
the Forum - 08/31/01
- the whole roller skating idea was pretty weird, but if it meant that there'd be more paying people than by all means.
Naturally, we were up first, but we had a lot of time to chill outside and drink (like every show). Behind the drums,
you couldn't hear the guitar amp, and especially not the bass amp which was rejecting neils bass. so the sound quality
wasn't great, but we pulled it off and sounded good. a few people seemed to enjoy it, but like usual, there were a few
pricks who still don't get it. thank you's go out to Stimulator for understanding our band, and we'll take you up on that
gig offer anytime you need us.
Rock the Mill - 08/18/01
- We were the third band up on the day(12:50-1:30), and pretty much the only band that stood out. We didn't
appreciate the heckling from a few specific people, but it made the day better - classic. Only the real punks liked
our set, because they're the only ones who know what punk rock sounds like. Any onther band on the Mill lineup
was either rip-off metal or pop punk. But all in all, we sounded damn good. Despite being threatened off the stage
(because we were too explicit). None of us dropped once, which was quite the surprise.
the Arts - 08/17/01
- I don't like this place at all, and once again the drums wern't even satisfactory. Being behind the drums, you
couldn't hear anything but them. & I don't think anyone has drawn a bigger crowd with more than 20 people.
the Kathedral- 06/15/01
- What a surprise - we were the first band on. And you know why that was? CAUSE WE SOLD THE LEAST
AMOUNT OF TICKETS! Figures. We ended up blazin' a fat dubb in a back corner of the kathedral, pretty
conspiceuos  but we pulled it off nicely. We didn't really care about first slot, cause on the plus side, we had the
rest of the night for pissin' at the bar, watchin' bands play. Theres wasn't a whole lot of people when we were on
though, like usual. Bullshit. Choda dropped his stick like 3 or 4 times, derek broke his top string right before
hill-billy which is crutial to the solo's, and neil thought he did good. but i know i heard a couple fuck-ups between
the guitars.  
the Arts Centre- 05/31/01
- First off, the two other bands were terrible.  "the Unbreakables"....whoever they are opened up the show with a
weak set. Actually, we wouldn't know, obviously we chose not to stick around. Anyway, they blew. Next on the big
line up was some bunch of weirdo's who changed their name at last minute to the "Bad Mittens". We didn't pay
attention to them either. Neil managed to get outta there with a chord (who's? unknown) and it couldn't have come
at a better time. We got stuck with the last slot and by then there was only about 20 people left in the building.
Derek broke his top string, Choda broke his snare skin- the high-hat & kick pedal were both kinda fucked as well,
the acoustics in the room were retarded. So basically that show was almost a complete dive. None the less, it was
somewhere to play.
Forbes Park- 05/12/01
- We were a last minute addition to the show. Apparently a shit load of bands decided not to show up, maybe they
thought they were too good... We were supposed to go on at 6, but record deal "Brokenstar" thought it'd
be fun to show up at 6, so we got bumped. And if we had that extra bit of set-up time, things would have turned
out a whole lot better. The high-hat was totally fucked, to a point where it was usless to play on it. The bass drum
kept sliding out from infront of Choda, becoming detached from the kick pedal- creating a huge huge problem. So
that screwed us over. But thank you to all 30 people who watched our set. The pit you guys made was pretty decent.