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the new generation   -   horror theme   -   wishing you were dead  -  peace, hate, empathy outro

 impressionable youth
easily influences by the latest and newest trends
no sense of origional thought, it's over & over again
refuse to realize - no different from all the rest
there ain't no solution if you can't see the problem
they're all just sheep playing fallow the leader
easily influenced by these two-faced fasion punks
talentless frauds ripping off everyone
when will they realize...
for all the wrong reasons...
lost - within the guidlines
bought - their own "shithawks"
impressionable youth
exhaust - all accessories
rot - the hate builds
impressionable youth spreading each day
i refuse to play the victim just like everyone else
why do you wanna be just like everyone else?

 the new generation
outcasts of our own generation
our own rules, not accepted
the anti-social & disrespected
slowly forming, slowly opening the eyes of the blinded
frustrated with
this lack of respect
you don't know what you
got 'til it's gone
our own generation
don't give a shit if we're accepted
segregated for
having our own point of view
won't compromise
my integrity, my liberation
re-writing pages, re-defining "their" standards
we, we are, our own, the new generation

 wishing you were dead
regression, believe in nothing
wake up (oblivious ones)
naive, judgements, by the enemy
quickly, buy in
remember when you jumped ship...
memories, for sale, are worthless
forgotten, fragments of discontent
regrets, forgiven, in laughter
how did i think you
were different from them?
memories, for sale, are worthless
forgotten, fragments of discontent
regrets, forgiven, in laughter....

hypocrites- seen it all before
fuck you - contradicting yourself
shithole- people insist on hangin' around
lesbien- she's a dyke and i know it
rejects- all of 'em
in cohierent rambling, slag off
meaningless invites, fuck no
seperatists action, fuck off

 wayney scaleen
You really know how to fuck me over but sometimes I don't mind the slave labour.
Another wasted day.
good-bye friday night, hello no life, i hate this shit
leave me alone

 fascist transvestite
Superficial and stuckup. All i say to you is good luck. You're gonna need it
cause you blew your chances, left alone with nothing. It's still the same
nothing has changed. The people, the places- it's still the same.
The cities, the faces- nothing has changed. Nothing- someday something will
happen and i'll be here waiting for nothing- turn in it in to something. But
what do you do when you see right through and left alone with nothing.

 french assholes
Speaking from a derogatory one-sided point of view - i don't agree, vote no.
You fucked the Nordiques, you fucked them really good. Next round, the always
losing Montreal Expo's. Seperation never felt so good. Back off, get your own
fucking country. Fat Frogs, sponge off someone else

 six degrees
you think you run the world and try to rule your crap on us? we'll no one likes
a faget in uniform- fuck you. I can't stand your act. I know you're hungry and achin',
starving for bacon. Possession ain't a crime, you got no right. Go home.
Fuck all the things that you stand for cause your propaganda don't mean shit.
How do you feel now that you've been violated and exposed for the prick that you are?
Your kind makes me sick and you're all just a clone of a governments' bias law.

 mainstream music is over-rated
mainstream music tends to all sound the same
draws the same old crowd, someone please explain?
take a minute to take a look around
to try and find a band without that typical sound
washed up has-been's, so called legends
they're all stuck in 4/4 time
words can't describe the capability that goes unrecognized
ego-maniacs, infested with professionalists
major labels, to sell a million records
record for months with an unlimited budget
while we try to save a hundred fuckin thirty...
perfectionists, mic-effects
it's over-done, over-sold, over-played and slowly fading

 escaping from reality
escaping from reality to join the circus you god damn freak-show clown
no resistance- mixed up priorities, zero committment- listen?
don't tell anyone- just leave
make sure you leave without a trace
don't say anything, who cares?...silenced
accident prone, an attention disorder
see's a master plan just like the one before
an  overnight businessman, find a new hobby
you'll never find what you're looking for, looking for that clue
to lead him on his way, look again tomorrow and drink away today
living u pthe highlife so he insists you believe
convey what you must, but it ain't foolin' me

 kick in the teeth
we all live in a world full of greed a deceit, a stab in the back
a kick in the teeth, a hit from behind, i want what's mine
in my sick apple pie of life i just want the bigger slice
so give me mine before i steal it
cheap shot in the back
bloob loss- draining fast
more pain, less gain.

 evil intent
fueled by the hatred- burning and pissing on the ashes
aware of the bullshit and effort required
i got nothing else to live for
can't stop the burning or put out the fire
what's left to fall back on when all else has failed?
see the light in the distance
sight blurry at first glance but now i can see out of one eye
the closer it seems the further away- that much closer
together all the regrets don't exist- moving forward
aspirations and good intentions- no ending in sight
the closer it gets the further it seems- forever fuckin lasting
complications and minor setbacks
all's irrelivent, cause nothing can stand in our way now
fire in his eyes...(i'll find it)- find in time
fuelded by the hatred, everlasting
searching for opportunity...(i'll find it)-
to rise above the rest...all rise.

 fill the void
focus on the task at hand, don't juststand there
once had a meaning, self expression
higher value, more selection
sense of freedom, right direction
for a reason we take action
start a revolution and leave me behind
lost the meaning, killed expression
lower value, less selection
incarceration, wrong direction
for that reason we take action
reach for what you want and take it
stop at nothing to obtain it

 delta (multiple personality disorder)
contradicting, exaggerated stories, opinions vary
so caught up in what others might think of them, constant lies
wonder why you waste your life trying to be something that you're not
for a bunch of people who really just couldn't care less...
place themselves...above us
a higher what
don't mean shit...never could
i'll agree and nod my head- pretend i'm listening
fake laugh and no reaction, obvious it never happened
small minded...glory
seperate...visions from reality
i will ignore them and turn my head, block it out- it never ends
times are changing now, there's no room for people like you
those who are fake

 ...jack daniels
do you remember the rebellion and what it stands for?
the right to be healthy-minded and have my own point of view
my own opinion, my right to say whatever i want
...the narrow minded have taken over
do you remember why this happened in the first place?
it's not my fuckin problem if you're easily offended by
what people say or do-

 "i'm so excited"
as the bag begins to stretch and the bottle starts to fill
but how long would you stand there you fuckin mouch
take your fifty cents and go fuck yourself
you're always hangin' around but you're never actually there
the only reason you get anything is cause no one fuckin cares